Recipe of cod loin with calçots and artichoke hearts

With the arrival of the coldest months of the year, the calçots are at their best, with the ideal size and sweetness. To Casa Fèlix to speak of calçotades is to speak of tradition, more than 50 years offering authentic calçotas de Valls with the local calçots and the homemade romesco sauce.

However, in the calçots season at Restaurante Félix we offer different dishes of traditional Catalan cuisine with a touch of modernity with calçots. One of the dishes is “Cod fillet with calçots and artichoke hearts”. Do you want to know how to make it at home? We leave you the recipe so that whenever you want you can recreate it.


  • 1 cod loin
  • 4 artichoke hearts
  • 1 calçot
  • White wine
  • nuts to taste
  • 100 g of flour

Steps to follow:

  1. We preheat a frying pan, add the oil and let it heat up well, meanwhile we start to prepare the cod. We take a little flour and flour it. Round and round and we put it aside.
  2. We start to prepare the calçots! Previously cooked, we cut the calçot into slices and the artichoke hearts into larger pieces. We set aside an artichoke heart to decorate the plate.
  3. Once the oil is very hot, brown the floured cod turning and turning and set it aside. Flour, in a small quantity, the artichoke heart that we have set aside and put it in the pan. We follow the same process as cod.
  4. In the same oil, add the calçot slices, the artichoke hearts and the nuts. Add the white wine and reduce it.
  5. To finish, we return the cod to the pan so that it takes in the flavor of all the ingredients and after a few minutes we finish the dish by putting it in the oven.

It is now ready to serve!

To plate it, it can be done in different ways following personal taste. At our Hotel in Tarragona, we first put the vegetables and nuts on the base, and on top the cod with the floured artichoke heart, as it will give a crunchy touch to the dish and spices to taste.

And we already have it, who wants to try it?

With just a few steps, you already have a delicious recipe with calçots at home and with great pleasure for the days you want a different dish! And if you don’t feel like preparing it, reserve a table at the restaurant and ask for the dish made by our chef! You can do it through our website, by calling 977 60 13 50.

We will be delighted to see you!