Route to the “Niu de l’Àliga”

The «Niu de l’Àliga» is a natural pool fed by the Glorieta River, a tributary of the Francolí. This pool is located a few kilometers from Alcover, Tarragona, specifically about 20 minutes by car from this town.

That is why many families, friends and couples dare to spend the day, since it is a very simple and quick place to get to. Its popularity is also due to the fact that in the «Niu de l’Àliga» we find one of the most popular waterfalls in Alt Camp.


Where to park?

Parking in this natural landscape is very easy. However, it is important to note that, currently, it is not possible to park in the hermitage, since only those who have authorization will be able to do so. However, for only 10 euros you can park in the “Mas de Forès” area, a safe and easy place to park your car.

The hours in which parking is allowed are also very important, since during the summer, that is, from June 24 to September 11, you can park from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. On the other hand, and as for the rest of the year, the hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

How to get there?

Once the car is parked, the excursion to the «Niu de l’Àliga» begins. The difficulty of this route is moderate, so it can be done by families accompanied by children without any problem. The route can be done in different ways, but we recommend the left path, since it is less technical and wider, perfect for all visitors. However, all the trails are moderately difficult.

The excursion from “Mas de Forès” to “Niu de l’Àliga” and back has a distance of about 6.4 kilometers, which would be 1 hour 50 minutes in total. If you want to take a longer route, you can visit the Glorieta Fountains and bathe in them, extending the excursion to 8.8 kilometers and about 2 hours 30 minutes in total.

To get to «Niu de l’Àliga» from «Mas de Forès» we will walk straight for a few kilometers until we come across a private path that at the end crosses the River Glorieta from where a path starts. Walking a few more meters we will find the «Niu de l’Àliga» and we will have reached our destination.


Ruta al Niu de l'Àliga

Where to stay near the «Niu de l’Àliga»?

Just 30 minutes by car from the «Niu de l’Àliga» we find Félix Hotel, located in Valls. A perfect family hotel to stay, since it combines tradition with the modernity of its rooms.

At Félix Hotel you cannot miss the suites with a hydromassage bathtub or the superior rooms with a bathtub, since after an excursion, what better way than to relax in a hydromassage bathtub?

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