The city of Valls celebrates the “Decennals 2021+1”

The city of Valls is a municipality located in the province of Tarragona, it has more than 24,000 inhabitants. The city center is just a 5-minute drive from Félix Hotel. For which staying in this hotel during the stay in Valls is a very good option.

Valls stands out for its traditions and celebrations, one of the celebrations that will take place recently is the “Festes Decennals” of Valls, a tradition that transmits the origin, history and evolution of the city.

What are the “Festes Decennals”?

Every 10 years, the city of Valls and its inhabitants experience one of the most traditional and historic celebrations in Catalonia: the “Festes Decennals de la Mare de Déu de la Candela”. This tradition has been in the city for more than two centuries. And it consists in that every year ending with the number “1”, the city celebrates the “Decennals”, also known as the “Festes de la Llum”. That is why this year they are the “Festes Decennals 2021+1”, since those of the year 2021 could not be celebrated due to the health crisis of COVID-19.

The “Festes Decennals” of Valls enjoy a wide variety of cultural, recreational, artistic, sports, popular culture, religious and children’s events.

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When are they?

This year 2022, the “Decennals” take place from January 28 to February 6. Even so, we can observe that in the program of minutes, which we can consult here, it shows how from the 24th minutes and presentations are already beginning to be made.

The most important day, or the one that everyone looks forward to the most, is Tuesday, February 2, since it is the “Diada de la Mare de Déu de la Candela”, a day on which celebrations and acts are held from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. at night. On this day we find concerts by groups such as Oques Grasses, Rozalén or la Oreja de Van Gogh, as well as musical luminaries and ceremonies, among others.

Continuing with the activities, every day, for only €2.50 you can go ice skating at El Pilar. In the same way that family workshops take place on February 31 and 3, such as the 31st, a Dance with the family workshop with Loles Santana or the 3rd, another called “Tono move to mark!”. If, on the other hand, you are passionate about castles, as of February 28, 20 activities of revitalization and participation for girls and boys begin, as well as 16 exhibitors at the transversal fair of the world of castles.

The festivities will conclude with a magical and unique Pyromusical that will take place on Sunday the 7th at sunset as a reason for the conclusion of the festivities.

Festes Decennals de Valls - Fèlix Hotel

Tickets and vouchers

You can buy your tickets by clicking here. Tickets and subscriptions are divided between: “Decennals familiars” or “Decennals espectacles”.

  • Decennals familiars: In this case we find 17 events available, these tickets do not exceed 15 euros, and you can find both tickets for consecutive days and tickets for the days that we prefer.
  • Decennals Espectacles: We found 34 events and 3 subscriptions.

We recommend not taking too long to buy tickets, since they tend to sell out very quickly.

Festes Decennals de Valls - Fèlix Hotel
Festes Decennals de Valls - Fèlix Hotel

Where to stay during the holidays?


Just 5 minutes by car from where the Valls Decennial Festivals are held, we find Félix Hotel, our Hotel in Tarragona. A perfect family hotel to stay so as not to miss any day of celebration.

At Félix Hotel you cannot miss our family room, if you are accompanied by your family, or the suite with a Chardonnay Jacuzzi if you go with your partner or with friends.

If you visit Valls and the “Festa Decennals 2021+1”, do not hesitate to tag us on our Instagram @felixhotelvalls. We will share your photos!