The Festival of Valls: the Gegants and the Mulassa 

Introduction to the festival

The Festa Major de Valls is of great importance in the town, and this year it is celebrated from the 16th to the 25th of June. It is a time for local people to get together and celebrate their heritage and traditions. The Festa Major de Valls is also an opportunity for visitors to experience the culture and customs of the town. And what better place to stay during these important dates than in the hotel in Valls, Fèlix Hotel, a charming hotel that leaves no one indifferent, surrounded by an ideal atmosphere. The main festival of Valls, a symbol of community and unity, brings together people from all walks of life to celebrate their shared history and culture.

The Gegants and the Mulassa are two of the main elements of the retinue that comes out for the festival of Sant Joan de Valls, one of the main festivals held in Catalonia. The Gegants and the Mulassa of Valls are two of the most recognised elements of the entourage of the town, they are known by all the people of Valls and their characteristics are unique. The festival is deeply rooted in the culture and traditions of the city, and has been celebrated for centuries. The Festa Major de Valls is known for its vibrant atmosphere and colourful displays of bestiary figures and giants.

The Gegants

The parade of giants is also a key event in the Festa Major de Valls. The parade features a procession of giants, who form part of the town’s popular culture. These giants can reach up to 14 feet in height. The construction of these figures is a labour-intensive process involving many people from the community. The giants are often adorned with colourful clothing and accessories, and each has its own unique characteristics and personality. The Gegants play a fundamental role in the festival, representing the spirit and identity of the people of Valls. The cavalcade of the Gegants is a unique and unforgettable experience that showcases the rich cultural heritage of Valls and the spirit of its people.


The Mulassa

The Mulassa is a figure that represents a mule, and as a curiosity, it is the biggest in Catalonia. The dance of the Mulassa is an important part of the Festa Major of Valls. The Mulassa is a mule, a character with a brown skin colour, and is elegantly dressed to match the rest of the animals of the town’s bestiary and the Gegants. The dance of the Mulassa is a unique and colourful spectacle that attracts both locals and tourists.

la festa major de valls: els gegants i la mulassa

Where to stay near the Festa Major in Valls?

Without a doubt, you have to visit the city during these festivities if you want to enjoy it to the maximum, because during these days, Valls dresses up. Hundreds of activities to enjoy with whoever you choose and, after a day full of emotions and activities, you can relax in the hotel of Valls, Fèlix Hotel.

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The Gegants and the Mulassa